I'm back!

First let me apologize for my one month posting hiatus.  On June 2nd, I took the Level I CFA exam and had been spending the entirety of my blogging time allocation on studying.  While the CFA Designation is not something I "need" for what I do, I strongly believe in what the CFA Institute stands for and does to enhance the integrity of capital markets and further, I have always felt a chip on my shoulder coming from a background in political science, philosophy and law into investing.  As such, the effort to earn the CFA designation for me is an expression of my commitment to my career path and to the ethical standards I ultimately aim to uphold.  

While on my path to prepare for the CFA Exam, markets hit the skids and global macroeconomic events jumped into mainstream headlines.  Considering many of these events lie at the heart of the social sciences--that intersection between sociology, politics and economics--I am eager to get some of my thoughts clearly spelled out.  Without further ado, I will start slowly but surely laying out my beliefs and opinions on the nature of the crisis and the road map to putting a light at the end of this seemingly never-ending tunnel.