At RGA Investment Advisors we work with people on an individual level to build an investment plan and a portfolio to match your needs and put you in a position to achieve your goals.

We invest with a fundamental, value-driven strategy focused on the long-term. We run each and every investment opportunity through our robust checklist in order to identify quality investments that we can take pride in as owners. We require that each investment have both a margin of safety to protect us on the downside and great returns on invested capital to long-run capital appreciation.

Adopting a long-term focus requires the understanding that fewer transactions over an extended time period result in fewer costs. We minimize portfolio turnover and maximize the timeframe in order to compound the greatest possible wealth. We focus on company-specific factors, and we don’t make portfolio decisions based on guessing the direction of the economy. Holding positions for the long-term requires patience, discipline, and a focus on companies that manage their businesses both well and consistently over time.

Our clients are long-term thinkers who understand that wealth management is a marathon, not a sprint. While outcomes matter, our clients believe first, in our process. If this sounds like how you think, I would love to hear from you at to talk more about what makes us unique at RGA Investment Advisors.

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